Customer care
and technical support
Carrot Broadcast engineers will teach your employees the full cycle of system operation — from configuration to delivering graphics to live broadcast. Training is held on the customer's premises.
Personnel Training
Technical Support
Warranties and Updates
We will help to install and set up Carrot computer system, followed by technical advising online or by phone. On complicated matter we come on your spot and help on the site.
Carrot products are covered by 1 year warranty, including spare modules and software updates. You may extend the Care program any further for additional cost.
Technical support and warranty for all products
Warranty for hardware Personal chat with support service from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Moscow time

Software updates
Warranty for hardware after 1 year of usage
24/7 support via chat

Software updates
Contact us if you have any questions about Carrot Broadcast or our products.
You are welcome
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