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Broadcast graphic design & art-direction
How it works?
From conceptual idea to on-air real-time product in time between couple of hours to months of working.
Our professional team provides different types of services. We name it «Ultimate Design Support».

Do you already have an existing broadcast news studio? We can develop augmented reality, which will expand your capabilities of storytelling by using all actual features of modern virtual graphic assets. More thematic spaces, branding, infographics or completely incredible interactive environment.
  • Virtual set design
Our client set us the task of creating the atmosphere of an extremely tense event, when a person is faced with elements that in many ways exceed his capabilities. To immerse ourselves in the appropriate mood, we chose Karl Bryulov’s painting “The Death of Pompeii” as a reference.
We selected materials that reflected the power of such an element and came up with an environment inspired by the ancient Colosseum, the place where gladiators fought. You can see the stages of work below. It took 2 weeks from idea to broadcast.
  • Augmented reality
Do you already have a news studio, but want to expand your storytelling capabilities? Carrot Broadcast software has extensive masking capabilities, so the studio space can be harmoniously expanded with thematic backgrounds to highlight individual news from the general stream. The main task of augmented reality within news broadcasting is to work as a teaser for a specific news story, to attract attention and captivate the viewer.
The production time for such augmented reality varies from several hours to several days.

You may look at some samples of the work we do on a regular basis for the weekly Central Television program. It takes our team several days to develop such augmented reality, and we make 5 such sets per week for one weekly issue.
Some examples of object-based augmented reality from "The Smartest One" show are given below. It takes approximately 3-4 days to create each animated object. It took our team approximately 2 months to prepare all 26 elements.
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