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Virtual studio for Match TV-channel
February, 2024
Match TV-channel ordered to prepare a virtual studio for the Olympic Games 2014 anniversary. Specially for this date we recreated Sochi Olympic Park and developed a concept design of a venue that would bring back the Olympic Games atmosphere.

The program was aired in a five-camera broadcast and with backup on Carrot Engine.
Augmented reality on Carrot Engine
in Belarus
January, 2024
ONT, one of the leading TV-channels of Belarus, installed Carrot Engine. The engine was integrated for operation by informational broadcasting service after several months of testing.

The channel migrated to Carrot Engine in order to diversify the content and simplify a system for provision and output of graphics for the air.
The best FIFA football awards 2023 ceremony
January, 2024
To cover the ceremony "The best FIFA football awards" Carrot team developed an interactive 360-degree virtual studio in a high-tech style. The studio was located in the center of the Moscow City complex, recreated in virtual space. In collaboration with Match TV channel.
New Year's billion national lottery
January, 2024
For weekly Stoloto lottery, Carrot team carried out full cycle of work: we developed a design concept for a physical studio, drew and automated all graphic events (from credits to augmented reality), and produced the New Year’s broadcast. A playlist of more than 100 events, 8 musical numbers, remote control for synchronizing sound, video walls, lighting equipment and cameras.
Video projection on the dome for the international exhibition "Russia"
November, 2023
The graphic video is dedicated to the achievements of PJSC Gazprom. The 4K image was formed by 8 projectors. Dome diameter — 10 meters.
First place in the category
Best Studio Design, 2023
November, 2023
The Carrot Broadcast virtual studio for covering the Champions League Final on Match TV took first prize in the Best Studio Design category at the Media Brand 2023 competition.
Carrot Broadcast received the Zvorykin Award
October, 2023
XI Zvorykin Award ceremony was held as part of XXVII International Congress of National Broadcasters Association (NBA). Carrot Broadcast received an award for modernization of the Match TV-channel virtual studio in nomination "for creation or enhancement of TV production equipment."

The event was organized by NBA with financial support from Ministry for Digital Technology, Communication and Mass Media of the Russian Federation.
Full graphical kit: from augmented reality to credits and back
October, 2023
For the Media Basket basketball championship “Betting League”, game events in augmented reality, automated title system with animation. As a special creative technique — augmented reality from the stadium space transformes into elements of titles.
UFC 294 on Match TV channel
October, 2023
To accompany the 294th tournament of the main MMA promotion on the planet, the UFC, commissioned by Match TV, we created an interactive virtual studio. It was a night coliseum, inspired by the painting of the Russian artist Karl Bryullov “The Last Day of Pompeii”.
Digital conference “Era of the First”, Plastic Republic
September, 2023
Carrot Bradcast produced and held a digital conference. We came up with a visual concept, created a design and an interactive virtual studio with dynamic media and 3D content, organized and directed an online broadcast. Thanks to the Plastic Republic team for trust.
Ice hockey virtual studio for Match TV channel
August, 2023
By order of the sports television channel Match TV, we created an environment in the form of a stadium. In the middle there was an icy hockey glove, engraved with the logos of the participating teams. Plus countdowns, live broadcasts, player cards and 3D logos.
Central Television, season 2022-2023
July, 2023
We summarize the results of the 2022-2023 season with the Central Television program on the NTV channel. Several days to produce augmented reality for 4 eyeliners, week after week. Thanks to the editors of the program for interesting topics and the opportunity to create a reference product.
Augmented reality for "The smartest one" TV-show
March, 2023
“The smartest one” show is an intellectual game in which children answer questions. It is a universe of knowledge with augmented reality. Throughout the game, participants and the host interact with interactive 3D graphics created by Carrot Broadcast.
Live virtual studio for the main sports event, 2022
December, 2022
30 days, 94 broadcasts, 4 color schemes, hundreds of interactive events, sandman, flying infographics, snakes, scorpions and much more in a virtual studio from the Carrot Broadcast team.
TV channel Krasnodar starts working with Carrot Broadcast
September, 2022
Carrot Broadcast technologies are now on the main TV channel of Kuban. The real-time graphics system Carrot serves the air of the Krasnodar TV channel. We also provide 24/7 technical and weekly design support.
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