Carrot Titles
A comprehensive station to generate full bit-map graphics
Carrot Titles is a suite for generation and delivery of full bit-map real-time graphics Multichannel graphic station up to 4K.

  • Multiple independent output render channels
  • Importing Adobe After Effects projects via Carrot AE Plugin
  • Scripting, expressions and State Logic for advanced scenes
  • Ability to use pass-through signals
  • Up to 16 input/output channels
  • 3D environment option with camera tracking
Managing graphic events via browser playlist on any device
For the New Year's drawing of the Stoloto lottery, we developed a studio design, prepared and automated the issuance of more than 100 graphic events — from titles to augmented reality. The broadcast on the NTV channel was carried out with Carrot Titles.
For the basketball championship Media Basket (by Betting League) we prepared a design package and automated issuance of titles. Augmented reality from the stadium space was transformed into elements of titles. Graphics output was provided by Carrot Titles.
Izvestia Information channel switched to Carrot Titles. We also automated the channel's graphic design package. Graphics output of news, weather and economic data are provided by Carrot Titles.
Video codec: h264, h265, ProRes 4444, ProRes 422, MXF
Images and sequences : png, tga, jpeg
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